We let balance sheets speak

The balance sheets and annual reports of your customers and suppliers contain a lot of information about the economic development of their companies. Processes for analysing these documents are often difficult and time-consuming, even for experts. Let software do the work for you! We offer you a complete range of services in relation to this theme. You can, for example, include annual reports from German companies that are published in the "Bundesanzeiger" (German Federal Gazette) automatically in your credit risk management. Or let us research and compile balance sheets for you and then send them to you in digital form.

  • Automatically calculated balance sheet rating and probability of default
  • Fast and flexible - no more manual effort
  • Results and key figures in the form of an easily understood balance sheet report


KM Industrie und Handel

Information product with rating and probability of default
KM Finanz
Various analyses of the
balance sheet data
Research, compilation and analysis
of balance sheets
 Compile and manage all information, automatic evaluation, benchmarks
and industry comparisons